1. 简单个人历史
1) What's your name?
2) How long have you prepared your visa interview?
3) Where are you from? Where is your hometown?
4) Have you ever been to nations aside of China? Have you ever gone abroad?
5) What's your favorite food?
6) How old are you?
7) How long have you been in Shanghai/Beijing/……?
8) What's your hobby? What do you do in your spare time?
9) Where is your HUKOU(户口)?
10) Which is your favorite restaurant (cafe)?
11) Where do you live? Where will you live?
12) Do u have a cup of coffee every morning?
13) what kind of computer do you have?
14) what is your favorite color?
2. 复杂个人问题
1) What do you think of the …in China?
2) What is your favorite pet? Why?
3) What's your best/worst quality?
4) Why did you live in …?
5) Who do you think is the best president of the US?
6) Do you think who is the greatest leader in the world? Why?
3. 亲属问题
1) Do you want your wife to go with you?
2) Do you have any relatives in the United States?
3) What do your parents do?
4) Have you any relatives in US?
5) Do you have sisters or brothers?
6) What is your favorite American movie?
7) Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Where is she? Are you sure your girlfriend/boyfriend will keep relation with you during your graduate study?

1. 笼统问法
1) What will you do in USA?
2) What is your purpose for the visa?
2. 关于国家
1) Are you going to study in USA?
2) How long will you study in USA?
3) Why do you want to study in USA?
4) Why do you want go to the United States for further study?
5) Many universities in the China offer first--rate graduate programs in …. Why do you want to go to the USA for graduate study?
6) When are you going to enter US?
2. 关于学校
1) How do you know this Univ.?
2) Why do you choose this Univ.?
3) How many institutions have you applied, and who are they? Any other school admits you?
4) Why did you choose ****** University? How much do you know about the university?
5) Do you know which school is the best in your major? What else?
6) Is …. the first university to give you the offer?
3. 关于专业
1) What will you study in the United States?
2) What do you want to study in USA?
3) Why do you want to study … in the US?
4) What is your ultimate academic goal?
5) What will you study in this major? What courses?
6) What's the difference between your major now and the major in USA?
7) Why do you change your major?
4. 关于学位
1) Why do you want to pursue a master's/doctoral degree?
2) Why do you think it is time for you to pursue master's/doctoral degree now?
5. 关于TA/RA
1) If you say you will be a teacher in the future, what will you teach?
2) What kind of works you will do for this assistantship? What's your duty as a TA/RA?
3) What will you teach?
4) Who is your advisor?
5) What will you do if you can not find a position in the big companies/university?

1. 专业背景
1) What is your major? In what aspect of your major will you study? What is your favorite subject? Can it be used to military utilities?
2) When/where did you get your BS/MS?
3) What is your academic background?
4) Why do you like your major?
5) What is the difficult class do you have?
6) What institution did you attend and what was your major?
7) What does your major mean?
8) Can you give an example of your topic that is applied in our living?
9) Is your transcript original?
10) Can you talk something about the course XX?
11) What is your dissertation about? What is your specific research of your undergraduate paper?
12) What have you done in your research?
13) Are you a top student in your school? What about your ranking in your class?
2. 工作背景
1) What/where are you working now?
2) What do you do with your work for MS/PHD?
3) What have you done after you graduated from university?
4) How long does it take to commute to your work place?
5) Are you a worker or a student now?
6) How much do you earn now? How much will you earn when you come back?
7) What is your current project in your company? What are you responsible for in your present post?
8) How many years have your worked?
9) Why did you choose your present job?
10) Where is your company located in?
11) So what development/programming tools do you use?
12) Have you business card? Do you have a name card?
13) Why have you quit your job?
3. 英语能力
1) How long have you prepared for GRE? Did you cheat?
2) When did you join the T/G test?
3) What score did you get in T/G test?
4) How did you take GRE?
4. 财务能力
1) Have you any scholarship?
2) Why do you receive financial aid from this Univ.?
3) How much do you expect you will have to spend each year in the United States?
4) How do you support yourself during your studies in the United States?
5) Do you plan to seek Financial support in the US?
6) Who will be your sponsor? How much is his annual income and what will be the amount you will receive annually? Do you have a bank deposit certification?
7) Have you any bank deposit?
8) Can you tell me which assistantship they give you? TA or RA.
9) Your assistantship is for one year, then how about the following years?

1. 归国计划
1) What is your plan? What will you do after graduation? Why? What kind of job can you find in the future?
2) Give me three reasons that you will come back to China?
3) Can you explain why 90% Chinese students didn't come back?
4) Do you plan to seek employment in the US after you have completed your studies?
5) What is your dream?
6) You can also make more of this kind of money in US, why don't you want to earn more? Why you come back to China instead of finding a job in America?
7) Will you come back to this company after graduation?
2. 中美比较
1) What is the thing you like best in America, or the thing you like best in China?
2) Then what is the thing you don't like most in China?
3) What do you think is the best/worst thing of the U.S?