BiX Studio for Enterprises

  • A PFD (Process-Flow-Diagram) GUI encapsulate all data manipulation, reporting, dashboarding and distribution steps
  • Interactively build the PFD using ready made transformation wizards
  • You can add your SAS custom code as a node in the PFD.
  • The PFD shows all incoming data sets on the left side and all outcoming data sets on the right side
  • Optionally see connection arrows that illustrates the data flow
BiX Studio Main ConsoleBiX Studio Main Console

BiX Studio Main Console

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  • A selection of ready made transformations targeting most commonly used data manipulations tasks
BiX Studio TransformationsBiX Studio Transformations

BiX Studio Transformations

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  • Each transformation can be created using a specific wizard that thoroghly covers the task options
  • You can edit, copy, paste and duplicate transformations for fast development cycle
  • Stick notes can be added into the PFD for clarity and explanation of the process
BiX Studio Manipulating TransformationsBiX Studio Manipulating Transformations

BiX studio Manipulating Transformations

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  • Each transformation wizard allows you to fully exploit it using a simple yet robust set of tools
BiX studio Join Transformation WizardBiX studio Join Transformation Wizard

BiX studio Join Transformation Wizard

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  • Submit each transformation separately or the complete PFD
  • The Execution phase is shown interactively within the PFD
  • Each transformation has its own log with full summary of Errors/Warnings viewd visually within the PFD
BiX Studio Submit StatusBiX Studio Submit Status

BiX studio Submit Status

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