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Please note: The %sas2xlsx macro is a proprietary product of BiX Corp. No SAS source code available.


Download %SAS2XLSX …   (1,855,819 bytes) %SAS2XLSX Macro for Windows/Unix/Linux (32/64 Bit).

1.Unzip the downloaded file

Within the ZIP package you’ll find 3 files:

a. sas2xlsx.cpt
b. sas2xlsx_install.pdf (Installation Guide)
c. sas2xlsx_usage.pdf (Usage Guide)

Please follow the instructions in the “Installation Guide”.

The downloaded version is limited to 100 observations by default. You can freely test it for as long as you need. If you wish to freely test the macro (for a 30 days period) on your full scale SAS data sets, please complete the installation process and then ask for a “Trial Activation Key” using the form:

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