%OLAPBUILD Macro (Under Development)

  • The “Cube Properties” window defines a BiX cube. BiX Cube is a SAS data set specifically designed and optimized to be explored using %OLAPVIEW macro.
  • BiX Cubes are made of “Dimensions” and “Measures”. Every SAS user can quickly define a cube on any SAS data set and immediatelly examine its hierarchial structure.
  • SAS/Base is the only SAS product required in order to create BiX cubes.
%OLAPBUILD main screen%OLAPBUILD main screen

%OLAPBUILD main screen

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  • BiX cubes can be updated using incremental method. Thus only changes from last build are added to the existing cube without rebuilding it completely from start.
  • BiX cube may have pre-calculated special “Distinct Values” measures.
  • A “Targets” data set can be used during the building process. Targets are external values (e.g. sales targets for each entity in the organization per product/period and so on). Real transaction values aggregated in the cube can be compared to sales target values and be used as KPI inside the cube.
%OLAPBUILD options screen%OLAPBUILD options screen

%OLAPBUILD options screen

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