%VISUAL Installation
%VISUAL integration
%XLSX2SAS Installation
%XLSX2SAS Operation
  • Does the %XLSX2SAS uses DDE or CSV technology?

    No. %XLSX2SAS reads the XLSX file directly without the need to use DDE technology or preliminary CSV files.

  • Why there is a need to unzip the XLSX file?

    XLSX files are compressed (zipped) files and need to be unzipped prior to importing them into SAS. The macro can automatically unzip the XLSX file for you as the first step in the process if you’ll download and install the 7Zip shareware. (Mostly recommended!). On the other hand, if you can’t install 7Zip you’ll need to manualy unzip the XLSX file prior to calling the macro. Please consult the usage guide for more details.

  • Are there any limitations in %XLSX2SAS Macro

    No. %XLSX2SAS macro can read any size of Excel spreadsheet (columns A through ZZZ) and rows 1 through 1,048,576. The “DEMO” version is limited to the first 100 rows.

  • What happens if the spreadsheet contains mixed types of data in the same column?

    %XLSX2SAS has a specific parameter to handle this scenario to best import the data into a single SAS variable. Please consult the usage guide and view detailed info regarding the XLSXMIX parameter.

BiX Corp. & Products
  • Is BiX Corp. part of SAS institute?

    No. BiX Corp. is an independent software vendor which develops and sells SAS based products. BiX Corp. has 20+ years of experience of supporting SAS end users and answering real world challenges using SAS technology.

  • How %VISUAL and %XLSX2SAS are integrated into my SAS?

    %VISUAL and %XLSX2SAS are 100% SAS code (a collection of SAS Macros) so it is purely a SAS application that can be run safely under your SAS session.

  • Perpetual License-What does it mean?

    It means that you only have to pay once when you purchase our products. The initial price includes 3 months maintenance and free access to our support team. After the initial period you may want to register for additional 1 year period of maintenance and free access to our support team. A support contract includes also supply of all minor and major releases. A one year support contract is 18% of total BiX licenses in your site.

  • Are %VISUAL/%XLSX2SAS Activation Keys the same as SAS SETINIT code?

    No, Activation Key are used only by BiX products. You need your SAS license (SETINIT code) for SAS/BASE (and SAS/GRAPH) be valid in order to run SAS. The BiX Activation Key is permanent and you don’t have to renew it every year.

  • Can I test the macros on a full scale SAS data sets or Excel spreadsheets?

    Yes, upon initial installation the macros can be used on a limited basis. You can ask for a “Trial Activation Key” that completely removes the limitation for a trial period of 30 days.