Technical Description

BiX set of macros are designed to add functionality to SAS working environment.

The macros are designed to work seemlessly within your SAS session. They use a minimal set of SAS products in order to keep your budget as low as required.


%VISUAL is a modern intelligent visual viewer for SAS data. It includes built-in drill-down capabilities, visual analytics, charting, reporting and many more cool stuff which cannot be found within the standard set of SAS tools. It plugs into your SAS Explorer window or can be used by clicking on a function key or by submitting it from your SAS code. It can be used as an intuitive BI solution for end users and analysts.

%VISUAL for Cloud Computing

Linux Based BI and Visual Analytics Enterprise Wide Deployment – Zero Footprint.
Requires X11 web deployed package (Eg: Exceed-On-Demand or other). Includes all features of %VISUAL and more adatpted to work as a thin client on any end user’s device like PC, Ipad. Single installation and management on the server (SAS/Base & SAS/Graph only).

%BiX Studio(Under Development)

For professional and advanced business analysts who want to further manipulate data sets and prepare the data for advanced analytics. A Process-Flow-Diagram GUI (a Project) can be created to encapsulate all steps needed prior to visualizing the data. For example: merging data sets, summarizing, adding computed variables or sorting them. You can use a selection of pre-defined wizards or even encapsulate your own SAS code into the PFD (Process-Flow-Diagram). The product includes all functionality of BiX: %visual, %sas2xlsx, %xlsx2sas, %olapbuild, %olapview, %dashboard, %viewfmt, %prompts and many more features in one integrated BI solution.

%Meta-Data Admin Server(Under Development)

Manage business meta-data for your SAS data sets explored by %Visual. Business meta-data contains hierarchies for variables and business explanations, meta-data for each data set and each libname. These meta-data items can be viewed and searched using %Visual tools. The meta-data admin server also maintains authorized users list and access permissions to data imposed on each %Visual user.


Reading Excel spreadsheets into SAS data sets has been a challenge ever since. The underlying structure of Excel spreadsheet (even though it looks like a tabular data) is completely different from the SAS data set table structure. Our approach was to use standard SAS/BASE programming to read the structure of XLSX file and to correctly transform it into SAS V9 data set structure. By using SAS/BASE programming the macro can run on any SAS supported platform on any SAS version from 9.1.3 and above and save licensing costs.


A SAS/BASE only macro that creates a true Excel 2010 (XLSX) file from a SAS data set. The advantages of true xlsx format over XML or CSV formats is that the XLSX file is compressed and you can create up to 1,048,576 observations in one Excel file vey fast and in a compact file size.


A SAS/BASE only macro that creates a true Excel 2010 (XLSX) file from a SAS data set under IBM Z/OS and SAS/BASE 9.1 and above. JCL batch interface. (Note: requires 3rd party ZIP utility like: PKZIP or ZIP390 or similar).


SAS user defined formats are a very important tool used in almost every SAS program. SAS formats are stored as catalog entries and must be processed using SAS code (proc format). The %VIEWFMT macro allows you to interactively view the contents of the format simply by double click on it’s name from the SAS explorer window. The inner values of the format are displayed in an interactive GUI which can also be used to save the values into the clipboard or into a SAS data set or to be printed to various file formats.

%OLAPBUILD (Coming Soon…)

OLAP functionality in SAS requires an enormous investment in many SAS products. %OLAPBUILD and %OLAPVIEW will give end users (using SAS/BASE and SAS/GRAPH only) standard OLAP capabilities on their hands. Developing OLAP cubes is just few clicks away from your SAS data sets stored in your SAS environment. There is no need to set up an expensive OLAP project.

Up to 12 dimensions each with 10 levels of items, Measures, Calculated measures and drill-down to the detailed level (combined with %VISUAL macro) . Superb performance with large OLAP cubes.

%OLAPVIEW (Coming Soon…)

Use this macro to view OLAP cubes developed with %OLAPBUILD macro. Slice and Dice the OLAP BiX cube in intuitive GUI, implement colored KPI, Export data to XLSX, HTML, CHARTS and drill down to detailed data.

%DASHBOARD (Under Development)

%DASHBOARDS can place your reports and charts in every location within the spreadsheet. Completely design your Excel workbook with an interactive GUI placing SAS data sets in one or many spreadsheets, side-by-side along with SAS graphics and images.

%PROMPTS (Under Development)

%Prompts editor is a tool to develop prompts menus screens. Various prompts widgets are available to select from. You can easily develop cascading prompts. You can easily integrate %Prompts menus into your current SAS jobs and deploy your SAS work for end-users by using the prompts as an entry point to your reports.